My Life In The Key Of E – A Memoir

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Legendary percussionist Pete Escovedo is a world-renowned artist who has helped to elevate Latin jazz while breaking down barriers among a wide variety of musical genres. He’s known for his dynamic, soulful, and utterly unique live performances, solo albums, session work, and fine-art paintings.

In his memoir, My Life in the Key of E, Escovedo describes the ups and downs of his extraordinary life and career, starting with his early years navigating family disconnection and poverty. He then artfully narrates his more than six decades as a devoted family-man nurturing his musical progeny, while he also chronicles key moments in his own groundbreaking musical career. And along the way, he provides a fascinating depiction of his collaborative adventures with some of the very best in musical history.

It’s a thoughtful and revealing look into the life of a musical icon, as well as a vulnerable exploration of the private questions, yearnings, costs, and victories that can accompany the passionate pursuit of an artist’s dreams.

Pete Escovedo lives in Valley Glenn, California, with his wife, Juanita Escovedo, though he will always consider the San Francisco Bay Area his home. He’s still actively performing, recording, and painting, and he has no plans to stop any time soon.

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