Zina Escovedo

My name is Zina Ann Escovedo. Born on November 26, 1967. I am the youngest of the 4 children.

Sheila, Juan and Peter Michael had already established their love and interest in music while I sought elsewhere for my own passion. I found my calling in helping others and became a professional massage therapist. But growing up in a musical family did have its benefits.

It was very normal for me at a young age to be in the back of nightclubs at 1am in the morning. I was so accustomed to the loud music that I would fall asleep on the speakers until it was time for my family to pack up their drums and head home.

Throughout my family’s career I did see the best and the worst of the entertainment business and accepted that this is also part of my life whether I was a musician or not.

I became the manager and promoter of Pete Escovedo’s nightclubs, Mister E’s in Berkeley, CA and Mister E’s Spotlight on the Square in Alameda, CA. That experience developed confidence. I also recognized the power of marketing. I began selling merchandise with my mother at all of our concerts to help bring in more income for the family and help to promote all of their own projects.

God put it in my heart to convince my father to sell his art work. Even though my father didn’t believe in his own art work I believed in him. If I could somehow be a part of combining both of my father’s dreams of being a musician and an artist, that would be a major accomplishment in my life.

I now put on art shows for my father, do promotion for the family and sell the family merchandise and, finally, joined the E Family, salsa dancing. God has blessed me with an important role in this family and I am now living my dream.

Below are some of my accomplishments and fun facts about me:

75th Celebration of Stern Grove Festival – San Francisco, CA (2012)

Playboy Jazz Festival with Nadeen Gautier – Los Angeles, CA (2012)
Splash – Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (1985)

Sheila E. “Unsung” – Film produced by TV One (2012)
Pete Escovedo “Azteca” – Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Meza (2007)

Sheila E.: Droppin Like Flies (1992)
Sheila E.: The Glamorous Life (1984)
Lionel Richie: Running with the Night (1983)

“Ford Fairlane” starring Mr. Andrew Dice Clay (1990)

S.E.L.P of Landmark Forum 2012
Advanced Course 2011
Landmark Forum 2010