February 2013

Hi Folks,

You more than likely thought that I left the planet. Well, almost, but at least not yet. After the dates at Yoshi’s on New Years Eve week, I have been just laying low and thinking about what needs to be done this coming year.

January 2013 spent most of the time focused on the Super Bowl as the Forty Niners were supposed to defeat the Ravens. But, no cigar. Oh well, wait till next year.

However, I did perform at the new San Francisco Jazz Center with Bill Cosby and John Santos. That was great fun, and what a wonderful facility that is. So now it’s back to business. Check out my tour page for new and upcoming dates.

Good news about my CD “Live At Stern Grove”. We are currently 16 on the Jazz playlist around the country. And it seems to be picking up momentum. Didn’t get nominated for a Grammy this year.  No cigar, oh well. Try again next year.

Almost finished with the art project at the Cupertino Inn. The E Family is well and blessed. Looking at 2013 and the future means more music to play, more music to record, more friends and fans to meet. And many more blessings.

“You don’t get old and stop playing. You stop playing and get old. Never look down at someone, unless you are helping them up.”

Pete Escovedo

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